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Welcome to Draw-my-Oc! We are a group for people looking for requested art of their Original Characters! The idea behind the group is to alow you to submit references of your characters into sorted folders so people looking to do requests can find and draw your characters for you! We welcome both those looking for art and those looking to create art.

Here at Draw-My-Oc your Join request is always automatically accepted! So feel free to click that Join button!

Unfortunately with great group comes great responsibility! So there are rules that we expect those submitting to the group to follow! So please feel free to skim through this glorious text below!

Rules are subject to change, please refer to these if you have any issues with your devations being removed or placed in different folders before you ask an admin

I will be lenient with the rules as they are new and I know I have trouble reading through all of these things, but if I find a deviant is being rude and continually breaks the rules intentionally I may be forced to remove you from the group, if this happens to you, and you believe it was an unfair judgement, you may wish to plead your case, in this event please send SSCAdopts a note and we'll see what we can do.


:bulletgreen: DO NOT STEAL ARTWORK OR OTHERS CHARACTERS! - This is not just an offence against our rules but it directly violates the deviant art terms and services, you will be banned immediately and your account/Deviation will be reported!

:bulletgreen: Please be nice to other members and admins of the group - I feel this goes without saying, please do not harass members or admins~

:bulletgreen: Thank those who complete requests for you! - it doesn't take allot, a little thanks is much appreciated for the hard work people put in!

:bulletgreen: Original Characters ONLY - It's in the title, we are looking for original characters ONLY, characters made for fandoms, like MLP, FNAF, undertale etc. are absolutely fine as long as the character is yours!

:bulletgreen: Please submit into the correct folders OR into the 'I DONT KNOW WHERE TO SUBMIT' file - this is not just for keeping the group tidy, it's so artists can find your references amoung the folders!

:bulletgreen: Keep Requests you draw PG-13 and do not draw offensive art of others OC's - There are young people in this group and the characters deserve respect, if you feel like someone is making content that offends you or your characters let an admin know!

:bulletgreen: Please submit FULL BODY references of your characters - If you expect artists to draw your characters they have to know what they look like, due to this rule submissions are subject to vote and will only be submitted if the deviation qualifies! This rule doesn't apply to characters with written references!

:bulletgreen: Please include colour on your OC references - A neat little colour pallet would be the best option for this but it is not required. If you wish to submit a character that isn't coloured, please include colours in the description of your deviation! This rule doesn't apply to characters with written references! Although colour ideas are welcome!!

:bulletgreen: ONE reference per character - Due to the amount of people submitting multiple random pictures I am limiting the number of references you can submit for a character, if your character somehow has more than one reference say for a transformation or some sorts, please inform me [And I'll add both] Or provide a link in the description of your deviation to the second reference!

:bulletgreen: Please use the 'Completed Request' folder to submit the art you made FOR THE GROUP - any art placed in here that wasn't made for the group [i.e a random request from someone else] will be removed. Submissions to this folder will be unlimited and automatically accepted! If I find this judgment is abused I will put this on a subject to vote also

:bulletgreen: Any other art work of OC's that isn't classed as a reference or is not a 'Completed Request' is not to be submitted here - I want to make this clear this group is not supposed to be used for free advertisement of your original character artwork, it is more of a collection of references and a resource tool!

:bulletgreen: Please refer to the folder info BELOW - This info is here to help you decide where you are to submit!

Any original (Closed or Open) species adopts should be placed in the folder that most suits them, for example, due to their human shape Xynthii should be placed in the human/humanoid folder~
If in doubt please place in the 'I DONT KNOW WHERE TO SUBMIT' Folder</i>

The group will eventually be using this to promote our favourite characters and artists that have done a great job on requests, submissions to this are completely closed, and admins will be the ones deciding what goes here!

Human/Humanoid references
This folder houses all your human and humanoids. This includes all Nekos i.e. any humans with small amounts of extras like animal ears and even wings!

Anthro references
Any and all anthro characters go here! This is any human part animal creature that walks on two legs and looks considerably more like an animal in the facial region!

Animal/Feral references
Animals and feral characters belong here, this is your canine, feline and equine etc place. This is also a place you can put any species that is mostly feral, such as Fanfoxes~

Monster/Mutant References
This category may be a little confusing for some, but what we are mostly looking for is creatures that take on unique shapes and so cannot be categorised in any of the other folders. If a humanoid character is of an unnatural colour/skin type [like bright blue and slimy] this will count as a monster, this is a very vague description I know, but I will not be penalising anyone who submits into this folder by accident!

Fandom Character References
These are characters you've created as part of a fandom! This can include characters based off games, cartoons, anime or even comics~ For example: My Little Pony, Gemsona's (Steven universe), five nights at Freddy's, DC universe etc.

Written references
Have an idea for a character but don't have a visual picture yet? Don't worry, put any written references for characters here! Written references may also include links to pictures of the OC. If you have an original character that you want to submit but you haven't drawn a full reference that meets the requirements of the group, it is probably best to create the character their own written reference~</b>

Completed Requests
Any and all requests that were created by members of the characters in the folders! Eventually the group will be doing journal features for the deviants that created for the group!

Commission info
Submit any commission info you have here! Can be in the form of a journal or picture, just make sure you remove the deviation if you are no longer doing them!

Simple! This is for any and all who don't quite know where they are going to submit their deviations! You may also submit here if you're feeling a bit lazy~

What if I don't have my Original Characters on Deviantart?
Don't fret I will be putting links to characters in people's Toy Ho.uses or FA characters pages and references into journals within the folders to allow users that use these sites to make their references available! [This will also work for those with characters in their stash]
Please consult this external links journal for rules and links to sorted journals:…


Got original characters you want to submit, but they're in your stash or on your Toyho.use?? These journals will collect outsource links you give and put them into the folder categories!

This is the master journal for all the outsources character reference links! Links will be provided to Sorted Journals, these journals have the same categorising rules that the folders are run by!

In order to get your character placed into one of the journals, please either comment below or note the group, I will be the one to add the links to the journals once I have checked them!


:bulletorange: Please leave links to your characters individual pages! - to avoid tempting art thieves, please only provide links to the characters you want submitted (Not your whole stash or toyho.use)

:bulletorange: Ask before you use requesters artwork - If you wish to use the request art on your character profile please ask the artist first AND remember to credit

:bulletorange: Rules of the group all apply here too - Such as be nice, don't steal artwork etc.

:bulletorange: Be patient while I add your links - it may take a while if I am otherwise engaged!

:bulletorange: character references must be FULL - Not cutting at the knee, no head shots only Unless page has also a written reference, in which case it will be put into that section of the external links journals!


Human/humanoid references -…

Anthro references -…

Animal/Feral references -…

Monster/Mutant references -…

Fandom character references -…

Written references -…
More Journal Entries



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Hi I have an oc in mind. Here's the info My Diabolik Lovers OC
Duuna Featured By Owner 4 days ago  New Deviant
My DM asked us to make our own token for a game on roll20 (or at least drawings), but I really suck at drawing... :'(
So I hop someone of this group will be kind enough to help me with this :)
Here is the description of my character:

Hik'mati is a 20 years old female dragonborn. She is 6'5" tall, but she "only" weights around 183 lbs, which is very uncommon for a dragonborn. This is due to the fact that she does not possess muscles as prominent as her peers; giving her an atypical elongated and gracious allure.
Her scales are white with a pearlescent reflect. A cascade of longer scales (aka "hair") fall to her waist.
She has navy blue eyes that turn icy blue whenever she uses magic or is angry. She wears a noble but simple (practical for adventure) dress of dark blue silk and embroidered with silver silk forming fractals on the bottom of the dress and around the neck. For greater ease it has long loose blue tulle sleeves. She has a simple necklace (rope/string) holding a crystal (arcane focus).
She never wears shoes.
bobthemospid Featured By Owner 4 days ago  New Deviant
My character’s human form is generally irrelevant, he doesn’t spend much time in that.  He stands 12 feet tall, with a wingspan of approximately 20 feet.  His character in beastman form is taken after a mospid, much like a snake with feathery wings.  Characters scheme is dark, and he has black tattoos all throughout his flesh looking very circular/flowing.  Due to an unfortunate incident, he also acquired a sort of zombified relook with how you would imagine a zombie might look on top of the odd visuals already.  And he picked up a scorpion tail with a scythe on the end, that has venom, because that sounded awesome.  Weapons are a 5yd fighting chain and a razor harness, for those extra special hugs of death.  He is very muscular, and appears much as a snake centaur may…with wings and a scorpion tail.  Large, powerful forearms, chest  has the razor harness on it, lower legs are replaced by a snake tail….which is long and ends in the aforementioned venom filled scorpion tail.  He’s got a big scar in the shape of an X across his face.  The probably shouldn’t incorporate with the arms, because they’ve been previously rp’d as coming out of his back….also he needs the arms for the grapplin’.
empress76 Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2017  New Deviant
I'm not really sure how to submit a request. Any suggestions?
SurrealSerialCereal Featured By Owner May 10, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
 (Sorry for the late reply) It's more of  free for all type thing. I cannot guarantee a request. The idea is to submit a character and sort of hope for the best haha. I will however, be adding a LF: Request folder.
 LF: Request - You can submit a journal containing what you're looking for specifically (Like you would in a forum).
Sappy1024 Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
can i submit art to a folder without being a member of the group?
SurrealSerialCereal Featured By Owner May 10, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
(Sorry for the late reply) If you're still interested in submitting, I have changed submissions to allow non-members to submit
Sappy1024 Featured By Owner May 15, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ooooooooo thank you, but i already joined Sweat Drop  
Kumata Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2017  Hobbyist
Offering some requests ATM:…
FrostiDemon Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So I'm doing a sketch dump and offering free requests of people's characters. Do I submit this to commission info folder even though its free?
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